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Passages Malibu is the cumulative effort of the father-and-son duo Chris and Pax Prentiss, who each have viewed the pain of addiction through two very different perspectives: Pax as the drug-addled son, and Chris as the worried parent trying whatever he could to help his ailing child overcome multiple simultaneous addictions. Little could they know that this shared encounter with addiction would one-day lead them to establish a rehabilitation center called Passages Malibu that would go on to help countless others.

At the time, however, no such happy ending seemed in sight. Pax had been hopelessly addicted to drugs for a total of one decade. He suffered first through the addictive grips of marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and lastly heroin. When Pax confessed the desperate extent of his addictions to his father, Chris enrolled him in every type of addiction treatment program that was offered . . . to no avail. Hospitals, 12-step programs, and other treatment options could not help Pax. This made no sense. How he and his son – who wanted to stop using at this point – still not are able to?

Only after repeated failures did the father and son realize that the problem did not lie with them, but rather with how unhelpful and borderline condescending conventional approaches were. Simply repeating the same mantras over and over again and talking to fellow addicts was not enough motivation to stop Pax from using, even though he desperately wanted to quit. Then, one day, it hit them both: beating addiction is more than simply abstaining from substances, it’s figuring out where you are using them to begin with.

The veil had been lifted. With this revelation, Pax was able to come to grips with the true reasons that were driving his addiction and started working from there. With this new and modern approach of compassion and self-analysis, he was able to undo over 10 years’ worth of damage and social isolation. Chris finally had his son back, but the two weren’t done helping others.

In 2001, Pax and Chris Prentiss became co-founders of Passages Malibu, a luxury addiction rehabilitation center that employs the very same healing methods that helped Pax overcome his own addiction, but now on a large-scale basis. The positive response was overwhelming, and by 2009, the father-son team had expanded into Ventura.

Now here is where the “About Us” page becomes about you. These two treatment facilities are ready to help you or loved ones overcome every kind of substance addiction, from marijuana to heroin, but only you can make the first call. Tell them that Chris and Pax sent you. They’ll understand.

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Passages Malibu located on the Pacific Ocean located in beautiful Malibu, California

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Passages Malibu is a five-star luxury rehab center located in Malibu, California with custom-tailored addiction treatment services needed to permanently end any type of drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

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