Blood Chemistry Analysis (Blood Test for Chemical Imbalance & Deficiencies)

All clients undergo a complete blood chemistry analysis at Passages Malibu to test for potential chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. It is not uncommon to mask the symptoms of a chemical imbalance or deficiency by using drugs and alcohol. Resolving the chemical imbalance can significantly reduce or even eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Chemical imbalance is but one of four possible causes for developing a drug and alcohol addiction. Our luxury rehab center in California can identify which of the four main causes of addiction applies to you or your loved one and provide them with a safe and effective recovery, so please call (888) 566-9165.

Chemical Imbalance and Addiction

The physiological changes brought on by a prolonged drug and alcohol addiction vary from client to client. Depression, for example, is a common chemical imbalance often resulting from the disruption of proper serotonin and dopamine regulation. Bipolarism, insomnia, ADD and other similar disorders can likewise be a consequence of other hormonal irregularities in the brain and throughout the body.

Remember: a chemical imbalance does not always take place in the brain. The thyroid, kidneys and other areas of the body can independently cause a wide assortment of problems ranging from obesity to extreme anxiety. This can lead to self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to the point of addiction. Only a complete blood chemistry analysis can test for chemical imbalances within the body and brain.

Nutritional Deficiencies and Addiction

Your body needs proper nutrition to adequately create and maintain proper hormone levels and active neurotransmitters. A vitamin or mineral deficiency can disrupt the endocrine system, which is responsible for body’s entire hormone production, and this can disrupt any of the other main systems of the human body in return. Sleeping, eating, mood and other important aspects of life are negatively impacted by a nutritional deficiency, and this could lead to self-medication for relief.

Passages Malibu rectifies any nutritional deficiencies using all-natural supplements and gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs. Massage therapy, yoga and tai chi are used to improve blood flow, restoring oxygen-enriched nutrients to vital areas of the body.

Get a Complete Blood Chemistry Analysis at Passages Malibu

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, Passages Malibu will perform a complete blood and urine chemistry analysis to test for every type of chemical imbalance. We screen the brain, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, and all other relevant areas of the body to get to the bottom of your addiction, performing a lipid panel and a complete blood count of red and white blood cells as well.

Call (888) 566-9165 and let a Passages Malibu admissions coordinator explain how we will use the results of your blood chemistry analysis to develop a customized treatment program, conquering your drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.