Continuing Care (Drug and Alcohol Addiction Aftercare Planning)

Having a strong aftercare plan for substance abuse can make all of the difference between relapse and sobriety. A luxury rehab treatment program at Passages Malibu always comes with world-class drug and alcohol addiction aftercare planning services. Your continuing care coordinator will have an aftercare plan for substance abuse already in place for you to take advantage of after you’ve finished your drug and alcohol treatment program at Passages Malibu.

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The Continuing Care Coordinator at Passages Malibu

A continuing care coordinator will secure adequate resources for your drug and alcohol addiction aftercare plan and help you follow through with preplanned goals upon graduation. They will assist you in finding therapists, counselors, physical trainers, and any other type of addiction specialist in your area as well as any type of rehabilitation facility necessary. From group meetings to meditation classes, your continuing care coordinator is there to help you find and schedule everything you need to stay sober.

The continuing care coordinator gets to know you right away and stays with you during your entire journey to recovery, becoming an integral part of your Treatment Team. In addition to holding one-on-one discussions with you, the continuing care coordinator also meets every week with your therapists, counselors, physicians and other members of your Treatment Team to benefit from their valuable input.

Upon graduating from our 10-acre luxury rehab campus, your continuing care coordinator will unveil a personalized writeup from each and every member of your Treatment Team. Goals, plans, suggestions and observations will give you the added edge you need to successfully stay away from drugs and alcohol. You will always be able to confer with your continuing care coordinator at all times, and most importantly, you’ll always exactly what to do after drug and alcohol rehab.

Let Passages Malibu Develop an Expert Aftercare Plan for You

Our ultimate goal is to have you leave our luxury rehab center feeling certain about your future. Call (888) 566-9165 to learn more about continuing care coordinators and the many other cooperative drug and alcohol addiction specialists who will populate your Treatment Team at Passages Malibu.