Hypnotherapy (Guided Hypnosis) for Drug and Alcohol Addiction at Passages Malibu

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims to effect meaningful changes in behavior and perspective through guided hypnosis. At Passages Malibu, hypnosis for drug and alcohol addiction is a tool used to activate powerful thought patterns that were inside of you all along. Guided hypnosis provides answers for the underlying causes behind your addiction so they can be safely removed.

For more information about the frequency, duration and methodology of professionally-guided hypnosis sessions for drug and alcohol addiction at Passages Malibu, please call (888) 566-9165.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy at Passages Malibu

Hypnotherapy benefits the client in a number of different ways. Clients report feeling more relaxed and receptive to therapeutic advice after undergoing guided hypnosis therapy at Passages Malibu. They can sleep better and remember things more clearly, and they often feel more productive and prouder of accomplishments than they ever have before.

Hypnotherapy lets you reconnect with your inner-turmoil and subsequently release it in a healthy way so that you’ll no longer feel compelled to numb your feelings with drugs and alcohol ever again. Hypnotherapy is also used as a natural way to dull the physical discomfort of withdrawal and cravings while at the same time making you more compassionate and well-rounded.

How Does Hypnotherapy at Passages Malibu Work?

Hypnotherapy utilizes a combination of psychotherapy and guided hypnosis to achieve a state of relaxation so that you can effectively find the answers you need. Your hypnotherapist will put you into a deeply tranquil mind state, a specific type of therapeutic headspace where you are more comfortable discussing the underlying causes of your addiction without as much reluctance or hesitation as before.

While undergoing hypnotherapy for drug and alcohol addiction, you might express pain, anger, sadness, fear and other negative emotions that have been holding you back for a long time. You might even remember a specific memory in far greater detail than ever before. All of these aspects and more can be discussed and resolved at length through repeated hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy at Passages Malibu is Safe and Effective

Hypnotherapy at Passages Malibu is a safe way to explore the issues surrounding your drug and alcohol addiction on a deeper level. A hypnotherapist is not able to make you feel or experience anything that you would not have otherwise been open to while fully awake. Call (888) 566-9165 and find out more about guided hypnosis therapy along with the many other holistic modalities offered at Passages Malibu that can end your drug and alcohol addiction forever.