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At Passages Malibu, we know that recovering from addiction is never easy. Many people cannot do it on their own, which is why we are here to present you with compassionate treatment options in a number of different grandiose settings, all of which are designed match the high quality of life that you are striving to – and ultimately will – achieve in time.

Our palatial addiction rehabilitation center is designed to thoroughly cater to your needs during this difficult time of healing, which is why our rehabilitation facilities are among the elite 6% in the country to have been accredited by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations for displaying the “highest level of care for the people they serve”. Likewise, Forbes magazine has hailed Passages Malibu as one of the “Most Luxurious Places” for addiction recovery.

For 15 years, our expert staff has been refining our treatments to perfection, focusing on the best ways to communicate our healing philosophy to you, our ailing client. Every type of addiction is different, so if you are in need of a drug rehabilitation center, an alcohol rehabilitation center, a prescription drug rehabilitation center, or a detoxification center, we have the clinical facilities and highly-trained professionals necessary to deliver the help you need.

What Can I Expect to Find at the Passages Malibu Luxury Addiction Rehab Center?

Individualized Therapy Sessions – Whereas most treatment programs use group therapy to push as many people through as possible, we take the time to learn of your personal journey.

A Fully-Dedicated Team – Our highly-trained team of addiction experts and therapists will empower you to succeed, and licensed nurses will tend to all of your immediate needs at any hour of the day.

Freedom and Dignity – You have made the most important choice of your life to change, and you should be rewarded for it, not isolated. As such, you will have unfettered access to all technology so that you can keep everyone who is important to you fully updated at all times.

Effective Holistic Treatments – Our holistic experts can create a customized plan to fully explore all of the possible paths to recovery.

What Amenities are at Passages Malibu?

A large part of recovery involves finding other ways to experience and enjoy life. Under the backdrop of a reinvigorating subtropical Mediterranean climate, at Passages Malibu you’ll find:

  • Five different oceanfront estates spread across 10 acres of well-manicured Malibu scenery.
  • A full tennis court and gym (with your very own personal trainer).
  • A quiet and relaxing detox unit overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • 2 large swimming pools and a heated Jacuzzi.

Passages Malibu – Luxury Rehab Redefined

Passages Malibu is the premiere rehab center for those who want to resolve their addictions – once and for all – without sacrificing any style or comfort in the process. Our facilities are fully-equipped with every feature and service necessary to put you at ease and eliminate all of your anxiety. Call us now for help.

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    Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation at Passages Malibu

    Alcohol’s legal status is what makes it one of the most prevalent addictions in all of the world. Unfortunately, with its widespread availability also come widespread consequences. Those addicted to alcohol can easily ruin the most important aspects of their life and character – their health, their earning potential, and their social relationships.

    Our world-class luxury alcohol addiction treatment program is not just for celebrities, it’s for anyone who is tired of filling a void in their lives with alcohol. If you or someone you care about depends on alcohol to get through their daily routine, then Passages Malibu can provide the highest quality of assistance to end this desperate cycle of self-destruction for good.

    Luxury Alcohol Addiction Treatment: The Passages Malibu Way

    Passages Malibu is a safe space with modern luxuries and an abundance of one-on-one attention that you need to establish a new sober self and excel. To achieve this, a team of therapists and health officials will not only make it their personal mission to wean you away from alcohol dependence in favor of healthy living, but also to address and ultimately resolve the underlying causes that brought you to abuse alcohol in the first place.

    At Passages Malibu, our methods forego a single uniform approach in favor of a program that is constantly evolving to match your own personalized rate of recovery. As you are going through your safe, secure, and comfortable supervised detox with a professional nursing term, therapists will also be closely monitoring your emotional detoxification as well. In this sense, there have been many success stories at Passages Malibu, but no two are exactly alike.

    Our seafront alcohol addiction rehabilitation center is centered in sunny Malibu, California. Here, the best accommodations combine with the most understanding staff to give you a fresh new outlook on life when it comes to overcoming alcohol addiction – which you can do! Call us when you are ready to be yourself and experience life again.

    Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

    Drug Addiction Luxury Rehab Center – Passages Malibu

    Drug addiction can easily rob a person of their livelihood before they are even fully aware of what is happening, which is why many times a loved one needs to intervene first on their behalf. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse, then Passages Malibu has the knowledge and expertise needed to end the addiction permanently – before it grows any further.

    Passages Malibu is one of the top clinics in the world when it comes to offering you the recovery you so desperately need in the style and luxury that you are used to and so rightfully deserve. A professional team of therapists will evaluate your addiction to develop a custom-tailored substance abuse treatment plan that will get you the results you need. There’s absolutely no group therapy sessions at Passages Malibu – it’s just you and the only people who can truly help.

    No matter what kind of drug addiction you have (including multiple addictions at once), our rehabilitation experts can detoxify and treat your body and mind for a wide variety of illicit substances such as:

    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Marijuana
    • MDMA (Ecstasy)
    • Methamphetamine
    • Opiates

    If you or someone you love feels lost, hopeless, and without a way out as a result of using these substances (or any other available drug), we want to help stop these dangerous compulsions right away. Our compassionate team of medical and therapeutic professionals has the tools and the experience necessary to end drug use once and for all. All you have to do is motivate yourself to take the first step and call us today, and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

    Prescription Medication Luxury Addiction Rehab Center – Passages Malibu

    As many have come to find, it’s surprisingly easy to become addicted to prescription drugs. Even if you take them exactly as your physician prescribes, many classes of prescription medication (such as benzodiazepines and most painkillers) will inevitably become highly addictive after long-term use due to the formation of a tolerance, which requires larger doses to achieve a therapeutic effect.

    Since each person has their own unique body chemistry, they in turn have their own unique personal threshold when it comes to becoming addicted to prescription medications. Once they cross their body’s threshold for the drug, their body constantly craves the prescription drug until something is done to solve it. Nobody is excluded from this fact. Nobody.

    With this in mind, prescription medication addiction can be one of the most difficult forms of addiction to treat due to the wide variety of prescription drugs available, the complex ways they interact with each other, and the various ways they interfere with the brain’s natural chemistry. Fortunately, Passages Malibu offers an unparalleled degree of countermeasures that are way ahead of most other modern methods of prescription drug addiction treatment.

    While most physicians will simply prescribe more addictive drugs to substitute your current ones, leading to an endless cycle of addiction, our treatment program instead detoxifies all prescription drugs from your system by giving you specially-formulated organic supplements combined with the therapy you need to heal naturally. With our treatment program, there’s no developing a tolerance to alternative prescription drugs, and no more misery. Only peace, clarity, and proper nutrition.

    Which Prescription Drug Addictions Does Passages Malibu Treat?

    The prescription drug addictions that we specialize in include (but are not limited to):

    • Ambien
    • Amphetamines
    • Ativan
    • Barbiturates
    • Benzodiazepines
    • Dexedrine
    • Oxycontin
    • Ritalin
    • Valium
    • Vicodin
    • Xanax

    Together, our supplements and one-on-one therapy sessions can overcome any combination of prescription drug addictions. Even if you are addicted, your mind is still a powerful tool that we can rebuild and retrain. Your life has so much potential, which is why you need to call Passages Malibu today to find out how our treatment program can stop you from abusing prescription medications today. You’ll be glad you did afterwards.

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