Where is Malibu ?

Your journey to end your addiction starts and ends in Malibu, an upscale beach town in Southern California with a subtropical climate and an exotic charm that attracts the country’s top actors and athletes on a regular basis. Dotted with oceanfront homes on large stretches of beach, you would never suspect Malibu was only 33 miles from the bustling epicenter of Los Angeles, and 18 miles from the even smaller (and much more crowded) city of Santa Monica.

What is a Typical Day Like in Malibu ?

Well, first you’ll wake up, roll over, and watch a beautiful sunrise over the gently sloping Santa Monica Mountains. From there, the choice is yours – do you want to take a morning surf at one of the nearby beaches, go jogging on one of the many beautiful running trails, or maybe go star-spotting for the top names in Hollywood?

Whatever you choose to do, Malibu’ s high fashion and laid-back beach mentality makes it an unforgettable experience for tourists and locals alike.It’ s not uncommon to see your favorite movie star while out-and-about, and if you are into watersports at all, you have definitely come to the right place.

What Are Some Other Great Things About Malibu?

  • Malibu is not too expensive– the cost of living in Malibu is only slightly higher than the national average in terms of groceries and utilities.
  • A unique population – you’ll meet a widely diverse crowd from all over the world.
  • Steady weather– a calm Mediterranean climate means you’ ll enjoy warm and pleasant weather no matter what time of the year you visit!
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What is There to do in Malibu, CA?

Established in 1991, there’s no shortage of attractions to enjoy in the beachy Southern California town of Malibu. Aside from simply basking in the nice weather – which is warm year-round – there is so much more to see and do. Here are just some of the top points of interest in Malibu.

  • Endless Beaches – Malibu never feels overcrowded thanks to dozens of pristine beaches, each with their own distinctive character. We recommend you start out by dolphin-spotting in Zuma Beach, or checking out the gorgeous high tide in Amarillo Beach. If you like surfing at all – or if you want to learn – then Lagoon State Beach is where all best waves break.
  • Go Diving – Malibu has some of the most incredible sights if you know where to look, and with guided scuba and snorkeling tours offered by agencies like Malibu Divers, you’ll be instantly taken to the most active underwater hotbeds in the entire area.
  • Solstice Canyon – What better way to celebrate your newfound sobriety than by reconvening with nature? This is perhaps one of the most beautiful areas to reflect and expound upon on what you’ve learned at Passages Malibu.
  • The Best Restaurants – Malibu has some of the best oceanfront dining in the entire country thanks to award-winning gourmet restaurants such as the Mastro’s Ocean Club and the Malibu Pier Restaurant, where every seat offers a waterside view.
  • Adamson House – Anyone with an interest in history or architecture needs to see this 19th-century historic villa and its breathtaking coastline gardens (along with its cultural exhibits).
  • Pepperdine University – Forget signing up for classes; this university has such a well-manicured campus that it has actually become a top tourist attraction!

Year after year, these attractions and more continue to pull in tourists from all around the country. Once you reach Malibu, you’ll have no problem remembering how easy it is to have fun while sober. Call and learn how to get your life back in Malibu today.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab