Repairing Relationships After Addiction: Family and Marriage Counseling

Involving your spouse and family in your recovery can help you finally beat your drug and alcohol addiction at Passages Malibu. We offer extensive family and marriage addiction counseling options that may eventually include the participation of loved ones when the time is right. All of our custom drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs include on-on-one sessions with an experienced family and marriage counselor who is well-versed in dealing with addiction in all of its various forms.

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How Does Family and Marriage Counseling Work at Passages Malibu?

At Passages Malibu, we sympathize greatly with the strain that drugs and alcohol can put on your spouse and family. However, before addressing their emotional distress, the family and marriage counselor must first focus on your personal history and background. Your family and marriage counselor will work with you to identify the four main causes of addiction and resolve them whenever possible.

With your permission, the family and marriage counselor will invite your close loved ones to our luxury rehab center in Malibu to make sense of the intense emotions surrounding your addiction. As an expert mediator, the family and marriage counselor will keep all conversations productive instead of destructive throughout each point of discussion.

Involving your spouse and family in your recovery may seem difficult at first, but the benefits of family and marriage counseling include establishing healthy boundaries and new methods of communication, which is healthier for everyone in the long run. Family and marriage counseling at Passages Malibu allows families to say what needs to be said in a healthy environment so they can move past the addiction and into the future . . . together, where they belong.

Please call (888) 566-9165 to learn how repairing relationships after addiction is possible at our premier luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in California.