Individual Psychotherapy for Addiction at Passages Malibu

Too many drug and alcohol rehab centers primarily focus on group therapy treatment methods rather than the individual. Psychotherapy at Passages Malibu comes in the form of individual one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with a licensed psychologist. Clients benefit from a limited number of group meetings and up to 70 hours of individual treatment each month from a fully-staffed Treatment Team, including weekly psychotherapy sessions for addiction.

With 4:1 staff-to-client ratio, Passages Malibu stresses one-on-one treatment methods for addiction. Call (888) 566-9165 to learn more about individual psychotherapy and other psychological treatments available for substance abuse at Passages Malibu.

How Does Individual Psychotherapy Work for Addiction?

A professional psychologist can do so much to help you stay away from drugs and alcohol. Psychotherapy identifies your own personal triggers for drug and alcohol abuse so that you can avoid temptation before it strikes and not relapse. You learn how to change negative behaviors, resolve social concepts, and make sense out of abstract emotions and memories in general. Most clients are able to identify which of the four main causes applies to their drug and alcohol addiction through individual psychotherapy sessions.

Once the underlying causes of your drug and alcohol addiction are properly identified, your psychotherapist will work with you to resolve each of them and obtain permanent sobriety.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy at Passages Malibu

Psychotherapy inspires new life changes in the face of tragic events. Receiving psychological treatment for substance abuse at Passages Malibu is a chance to reconcile any lingering traumas from the past. If you are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to avoid feelings of depression, anxiety, uncertainty, or anger . . . you are not alone. Poor self-esteem, grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with illness, financial problems, or family issues often drive people to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Fortunately, getting psychotherapy treatment at Passages Malibu will help bring clarity and closure to all of these issues and more. Psychotherapy shows exactly how addiction is controlling your life and, more importantly, how to change it all for the better. Call (888) 566-9165 and let a full Treatment Team utilize individual psychotherapy treatments and other holistic healing methods for the most comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction recovery program imaginable.