Sound Healing Therapy at Passages Malibu

Sound healing therapy utilizes special vibrational frequencies to promote healing from drug and alcohol addiction on a cellular level. At Passages Malibu, a certified sound therapist optimizes the best vibrational healing frequencies for you using sound therapy instruments, advanced computer programs and other sound therapy techniques. Sound therapy at Passages Malibu is often combined with other drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation therapy.

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The Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Years of drug and alcohol abuse can disrupt your emotional balance and wellbeing. Sound therapy at Passages Malibu is a natural way to release normal levels of “feel-good” hormones such as dopamine and serotonin so you can feel centered once again. Clients report a reduction in their drug and alcohol cravings and lower anxiety and depression levels from our sound therapy techniques.

Sound therapy has additional benefits at Passages Malibu as well. The vibrational healing frequencies can drastically alleviate any physical discomfort you may experience while undergoing the drug and alcohol detoxification process. Sound therapy is often used in tandem with massage therapy and other luxury rehab treatment methods to keep you feeling calm and positive while the body removes toxic chemicals.

Passages Malibu: Leading Sound Therapy Experts

As the world’s leading luxury rehab center for holistic drug and alcohol recovery, Passages Malibu fully understands the value of creating a healthy and structured environment using sound therapy. If you or someone you love is abusing drugs and alcohol, meeting with one of our sound therapists can absolutely make a large difference. Call (888) 566-9165 and let Passages Malibu develop a customized drug and alcohol treatment program for you using all of the best holistic modalities – including sound therapy.