Spiritual Counseling and Therapy at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu seeks to resolve drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit for complete and total healing. We proudly offer spiritual help for drug and alcohol addiction in accordance with the New Thought movement, a special variation of spiritual counseling which focuses on self-empowerment through unconditional love and respect.

The New Thought movement examines the ability to change your life simply by changing your way of thinking. In this sense, spiritual counseling and psychotherapy share the same basic foundational principles. However, the New Thought movement also encapsulates the ancient wisdom of love that has been expressed by so many different religions over the centuries.

If you prefer to have religious counseling, Passages Malibu offers faith-based recovery options for drug and alcohol abuse. Call (888) 566-9165 to have an admissions coordinator explain the spiritual and religious counseling options available at our premier luxury rehab center in Malibu, CA.

What Does Spiritual Counseling Mean at Passages Malibu?

Passages Malibu is not a 12-step program, meaning we do not require you to declare yourself helpless to a higher power. Spiritual counseling is instead about discovering the ability to love yourself and your surroundings, expanding your capacity for creative intuition and wisdom beyond its current means.

Spiritual counseling at Passages Malibu is a heart-based workshop that will teach you how to:

  • Listen (to yourself and others)
  • Forgive
  • Trust
  • Thoughtfully meditate before making a final decision
  • Form a positive inner-monologue
  • Embrace a healthy range of emotions
  • Visualize what you want and follow through accordingly

These valuable lessons can help you better understand and eliminate the negative characteristics and thought processes that drive people to drugs and alcohol. Depression, anxiety, and other similar stressors can be identified and worked out through spiritual rehab and the other holistic healing methods for addiction provided at Passages Malibu.

Passages Malibu Offers Spiritual Counseling Based on Self-Love

Spiritual counseling has less to do with religion and more to do with erasing your personal fears and biases so as to gain clearer perspective, ultimately establishing a healthy inner-relationship that is led by the heart. If you or someone you love is abusing drugs and alcohol, we can bring clarity and purpose to their lives simply by teaching them the art of true self-love. Call (888) 566-9165 to receive more information on spirituality and luxury rehab at Passages Malibu.