Tai Chi Treatment Therapy at Passages Malibu

Tai chi is a combination of stretching and gentle exercise interspersed with relaxing breathing techniques meant to still the mind and expand consciousness. Passages Malibu practices tai chi, yoga and other forms of meditation therapy as part of your customized holistic treatment program, which is meant to resolve drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit.

Call (888) 566-9165 and find out how Passages Malibu successfully integrates a wide variety of holistic healing methods into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program made specifically for you.

The Benefits of Tai Chi Therapy for Addiction

Tai chi therapy helps to correct chemical imbalances by releasing healthy levels of dopamine and serotonin within the brain, improving mood and lifting anxiety and depression. Tai chi therapy helps with mental clarity and concentration as well.

Tai chi has the added benefit of meditating while moving. Physical benefits of tai chi therapy include better flexibility, dexterity, and blood circulation. It also forges a stronger mind-body connection, making you more receptive to other forms of holistic healing offered at Passages Malibu.

What Tai Chi is Like at Passages Malibu

You do not need to have any previous experience to benefit from tai chi therapy at Passages Malibu. In fact, many clients have found tai chi to be the perfect introduction to meditation therapy. If you have difficulties concentrating or sitting still, tai chi lets you gradually slip into a state of calmness through gentle motions and specific breathing techniques. Tai chi is also a viable option for anyone who has trouble holding a static position for long because tai chi therapy never locks the joints.

We are confident that all of the benefits of tai chi will become more apparent to you with each passing tai chi therapy session. When you are ready to feel the benefits of tai chi for addiction, Passages Malibu is ready to help with a professional tai chi coach and other physical training experts. Call (888) 566-9165.