Top Holistic Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Methods in Malibu

Passages Malibu is a luxury drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in California where hundreds of clients go to receive meaningful help every year. With more treatment methods to resolve drug and alcohol addiction than any other luxury rehab center in existence (including one-on-one holistic therapy sessions and a 4:1 staff-to-client ratio, the highest in the country), getting drug and alcohol rehab at Passages Malibu really works.

The award-winning luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods provided by Passages Malibu rehab center include:

Passages Malibu is constantly adding the latest science-driven holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods to provide clients with the most modern Malibu drug and alcohol rehab experience possible. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, please call 888-566-9165 now to discover all of the eye-opening California drug and alcohol rehab treatments available at Passages Malibu.

How Passages Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments Work

Passage Malibu utilizes the latest holistic therapy sessions and other special treatment methods to get to the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction for a complete and total removal. Every possible aspect of a drug and alcohol addiction is closely examined at Passages Malibu, starting with the personal history and physical state of each client. This information is then used to create a transformative drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that is different for each client.

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is so much more than getting through the initial stages of physical dependency. By combining one-on-one therapy sessions with extremely limited group therapy settings, clients are able to heal from drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit. How to resist cravings, how to amend personal relationships, goalsetting, and other important lessons are imparted onto the client in a safe environment that is luxurious and controlled.

Free Insurance Verification with Passages Malibu

Verify your insurance with Passages Malibu today to receive the help you need with a drug and alcohol addiction as quickly as possible. Passages Malibu accepts most major insurance providers and will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the best rates possible for our proven drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods.

Get the Help You Need at the Passage Malibu Luxury Rehab Center in California

If you or someone you love is lessening the quality of their life through their drug and alcohol addiction, now is the time to get help. Passages Malibu has remained the world’s leading luxury rehab center since 2001, helping real people every year with the following types of addiction:

Please call 888-566-9165 at any time, day or night, to speak to an Admissions Coordinator about receiving help at the Passages Malibu luxury rehab center in California.